THE TWIN MISSION: Protect and Serve


They are on their way home with their mum from “asking for donations” in Walmer Estate when a bird sitting on a telephone line above suddenly poops on Siyamdumisa. I’m going to be rich, I’m going to have money,” he cheers.

They beam when they speak of their unemployed mother. She is all they have. She doesn’t offer them much but her undying love for them is enough. 

Siyamdumisa and Siyambonga Mgcina are identical twins from the PhilippiTownship.

The twins are only six but already know they never want to meet their father. He abandoned them and their mother when they were two months old. To them, he doesn’t exist.

Their love for martial arts is only matched by their passion for Orlando Pirates. This much is evident in the matching clothes they are wearing.

They adorn worn out short sleeve navy-blue dragon-imprinted Chinese shirts and red cargo shorts with black and white sandals.

Siyambonga wants to be a soldier so he can “carry big guns and protect people”. His brother wishes to be a policeman so he can arrest all the criminals menacing society.

When the two Siyazakha Primary School Grade 1 pupils finish school, they want to work and buy a bigger house so they can all have their own beds. They share a bed with their mother Vathiswa in the one-roomed shack.

They don’t like this, however, says Siyambonga, especially since his brother wets himself in his sleep. Siyamdumisa cheekily chuckles at the revelation, rearing the growing back incisors. 

The boys love each other but hate being twins at times, especially when they are at the beach.

They have to toss a silver coin into the sea before entering the water or they will drown, says Siyambonga. They don’t always have the money, much to their dismay as they love to swim.

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